Saturday, March 12, 2011

May's Darling Dada

First of all, can I just say I am quite content with life. Seriously I cannot think of any other way I could possibly be more blessed...her is my beautiful little girl to prove it! When May was born she was a total Daddy's girl. She would be so good for him and still cry and cry for me. Somewhere a long the way she changed to a Mama's girl but that didn't last long because Dad is definitely the favorite.

My favorite part of the day is when the garage door opens and May jumps up from whatever she's doing and starts yelling, "Dada! Dada!" and she does her little running in place thing that she does when she gets excited. Then she stands there at the door and as soon as he walks in she runs to give him a huge hug. It's the most adorable thing ever.

Zach has always been a good Dad but I think he was a little lost in the newborn-baby stage. I tell you though he shines with May. It is just so cute to see them together. He'll chase her around for tickles, play princess with her (he will even put on the tiara-what a guy), does puzzles, and always gives her lots of snuggles.

Here is one of May's favorite games- "Hello-Goodbye" which Zach will play with her until she gets bored-which is a really long time!
We found an old cowboy hat of mine and Zach has been teaching her to say, "Reckon so." and "Get along pardner." The two walk around the house like a couple of old time Sheriff's. Cracks me up.
First driving lessons at Nicklemannia.

May letting Dada have a turn on the car-she was pushing him because he wasn't going fast enough.

Anyways, I just love these two together. I love when I'm doing something and I get to hear them giggling uncontrolably from the other room. I love seeing them snuggle up in the blanket together for a movie. I just I love how much May loves her Dad and how much he loves her. I hope they always keep a close relationship.
The pregnancy is still going..well it's just going. Only 2 1/2 more months! I finally have a big enough belly that people who don't know I'm pregnant know I'm pregnant not just fat. It's a comforting feeling. But I don't think I was this big with May until the end of month 8 so I'm not sure where else this baby is going to go. I need to get some pictures taken. I have none from the first pregnancy and I'm so sad I don't. I just need to remember to take them when I don't look like I haven't showered or slept for days.
My back pain is still at a high but it's managable. I've been having dizzy/lightheaded spells. I think baby is just sitting on something like an artery or a nerve or something and thats why I'm getting them. My doctor wants me to go see a neuroligist next week though. I don't know if I'm going to go. I don't think it's neurological and I don't want to go to this doctor who will make up a problem just so she can feel like she can do something to "solve" it. I dunno we'll see.


  1. Those stories about Zach and May are soo precious! I love Craig with Charlotte and I'm excited to see how their relationship is as she gets older. I sooo want to see pictures of your cute belly! Sorry about your back and dizzy're almost done!

  2. Cute Cute Cute! May does love her dada! Hope you stop getting dizzy and stop falling over! I lof you all!

  3. Those two are so cute together! What good parents you two are! By the way,thanks for offering to help out with Porter. It means a lot to me. I'm glad we can still be friends :)