Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Reunion

We had our annual reunion with Zach's family this weekend. It was so much fun but I gotta tell you I am beat! Zach's grandma was able to come up so she, Zach's mom and step dad, and us (of course) all cramed into our apartment. It feels huge now that it's just us again!We did a field day sort of thing. Zach got to stay for breakfast but then he had to go to work. What a lame-o. He looks nice in our pink shirt though eh?We had a crab walk competition. I have a picture of it but this photo of Gwen (Zach's mom) doing a bear crawl, after the race was over and for no apparent reason, is much funnier. We did a 3 legged race. The funniest part was the people not doing it yelling on the side lines "3 legged race-don't fall on your face!" what critics.

Other activities included an airplane fly, a grueling game of red light green light (May's favorite activity), puzzles, a hula hoop contest, 3 on 3 basketball, a craft, and the most memorable part was my nephew pulling the fire alarm at the church we were at. Oh yeah. Good times.
After all the activities we went back to my sister-in-laws house for dinner and to watch slide shows. I loved this part it was so fun to just see everyone's pictures from the year. You miss a lot when you live far away and it's fun to see the little things you aren't there for with the people you see all the time.