Monday, February 22, 2010

Say Pray

At our house we "say pray" not "say the prayer" Little May is starting to get really good at folding her arms when we "say pray". Usually she loses interest after about 5 seconds and you have to remind her we are are saying pray. Our prayers are pretty short and to the point so it's easy for her to get through. We were at church Sunday and the a very long winded person got up to say the closing prayer. It was sooo funny to watch little May struggle at keeping her arms folded. She would get distracted and then I would remind her we were saying pray and she would snap her arms back to being folded and then get distracted, etc. She was so reverent all the way through the prayer, even while everyone around her was laughing at how darn cute she was. Little kids are the greatest.

Today at Target

Dear Jesica that checks at Target,

Let me start off by saying I just don't like you and I don't like that your name only has one "s". I should have know today that even though the other checker had 4 people in her line and you had 2 that it would have still been faster to go to her. My bad.

You are slow. The lack of people in your line just shows that I'm not the only one who thinks it.

When you ask me, "Did you find everything okay today?" and I say, "No you are out of size 3 diapers in the target brand. Could you check with someone to see if you have more?" you should not say, "You could go to guest services they can check for you." Really? You have a bright shiny red phone there that you could just call guest services on. Do you see the screaming toddler sitting in the front of my basket? Do you really think I'm going to go wait in another line at guest services?

When I tell you I have coupons while you are ringing things up and you say, "okay." I assume that means you heard and processed what I said. So when you hit the enter button to be done don't give me a dirty look because you have to go back and redo it. Your bad.

Just because I bring reusable bags doesn't mean you have to shove everything into them. If I wanted all my groceries in them I would bring 5 instead of 2. Feel free to not be lazy and pull out a plastic bag...really.

Your nails are disgusting, I know you probably think it's cool to have long bright pink acrylic nails but have you caught the underside of them lately? They are brown, not pink. It makes me doubly grateful my produce is in bags so you don't touch it directly.

In conclusion, I think I'll be shopping at Wal-Mart next week just because I'm so upset with you...and they've never not had diapers.