Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maybear Update

I have a million things that happened in December to post about but I can't get to my pictures grr. Anyway, in the mean time Maybear has been doing so many funny things. It's sad she's not really a baby anymore but toddlers sure are entertaining.

She has started wanting to put on make-up. She loves getting her toe nails painted and she gets really upset when I don't let her use my make-up brushes in the morning. It cracks me up. She'll also brush her hair (that she doesn't have), and wait for you to tell her "pretty".

We did a FHE the other night about being a child of God. I had a picture of a bunch of kids and asked, "Is this a child of God? Is this a child of God?" for each kid. I left the picture out on the couch and the next morning she was pointing to each of the kids saying, "isshish, isshish, isshish..."

She loves to put on scarves and necklaces...unless mama wants her to wear them of course.

I keep a chair in the kitchen to reach the high shelves. The other day I left her snacks on the counter. She pushed the chair over to the counter and started climbing up it to get the snacks.

At the store she always holds my debit card and when we get to the card machine she tries to put it in the slider...obviously mommy goes shopping too much.

When Goob barks she barks back at him and tells him to "shh".

She has a shopping cart and she'll push it to the tree take all the ornaments off that she can reach and stick them in her shopping cart.

When I'm cooking dinner I give her a pot and a spoon and she'll sit there and stir. Then she'll "eat" whatever she cooked.

If I lay down on the ground she'll immediately stop what she's doing and come over and tackle me. No resting in this house.

She loves to dance. If anything even remotely sounds like music she'll start grooving.

She has started saying a lot of words. She says, dada, goob (that's the dogs name), good girl, fish, shoe, no no no no, and she'll buzz like a bee. She doesn't say mama though what a stinker.

She is just getting in her last 1 year molar. Teething is terrible. I'm throwing a "done teething" party as soon as she gets all her teeth in. The main activity at the party will be SLEEPING!

Despite my house looking like a tornado ran through it after I cleaned it five minutes ago, and the tantrums that are becoming more frequent, I love this age. It's so much fun to watch her figure out all the little puzzles she meets from day to day. It amazes me how smart she is and what she picks up on.