Friday, December 31, 2010


We had a great December. First of all I had my birthday which was great. Zach made me breakfast in bed and let me sleep in (the best gift ever). We also celebrated our 4th anniversary I can't believe we've been married that long! Unfortunately, someone kept Zach late that night so our plans to go to Nicklemannia were foiled but we enjoyed a nice dinner anyways.

The real fun of course was all about Christmas! Zach found a place to fit our tree in-I honestly didn't think it was possible but he did it. May had lots of fun decorating and undecorating it and redecorating it through out the month. She loved telling me all the colors of the lights this year. I think she REALLY loved it because it was put up in her time-out corner- this made time outs pretty minimal because there really is no where else for her to go. As soon as we took it down though she went and put herself in the corner-I guess to make up for missed opportunities.
We made gingerbread houses and watched the first presidency devotional for family home evening one night. May actually did pretty good at putting the candy on the houses- except for her treasured m&ms I think those mostly ended up in her tummy.Remember this picture from last year? Probably not which is why I posted it again. Well this years was even better...Pretty sweet huh.
Sad story time. So I got a sub for Santa thing that was a girl who wanted some shirts. So we went to the mall to get them and May really wanted to ride the train. I told her next time we come back Dada will come and we will see Santa and then ride the cho cho train. "Ok mama." I get home and realized I didn't pay attention to the size of one of the shirts I got this gal so I had to go back to exchange it. Before we were even parked May said, "Mama cho cho train!!" and I had to say, "No I'm sorry next time Dada will for sure come and we will see Santa and ride the cho cho train." " Pease mama pease." "No not this time, next time." "Ok mama." I felt so bad. So then we finally made it to the mall with Zach the Tuesday before Christmas it was packed. We honestly would've been in line for 3 hours so we decided it wasn't a big deal if Zach wasn't there for the pictures and I would just bring May back in the morning when the line wasn't so huge. But then we went to go ride the train the person that drives it was just leaving on break so we would've had to wait for 1/2 hour to ride it-we decided that wasn't worth it. Poor May May, "No cho cho train? Please cho cho train." I felt so so so bad. She was so good though she didn't throw a fit at all which made it even worse. Anyway so we went back the next morning and just before it was our turn to see Santa the train drives by and I think May had just had it she wanted to ride that cho cho train. So she started crying for the train before she even sat on Santa's lap. So we might have had a smiling picture this year if we had driven our poor daughter to tears by telling her she would ride the train and then not riding it. Anyway here is her all smiles on the train.
Zach's family had a great Christmas party. We ate lots of yummy food. Zach's mom had everyone play a pass the present game, May didn't want to play with the kids so she passed the extra adult present. Then Zach's mom read the kids "The Polar Express". Zach's step-dad dressed up as a train conductor and surprised all the kids with his train whistle. May's eyes lit up it was so cute.

Christmas eve we spent with Zach's brothers and dad. We played cranium which was pretty darn fun. Here is May and her best bud and cousin Kamrie in their Christmas dresses.
Christmas day we spent mostly with my family. My mom buys us matching shirts every year and this year she got us army shirts in honor of my brother. We went to breakfast at my grandmas and then spent most of the afternoon with just my parents.
I must put in a plug for my amazingly talented friend Elise. She painted a custom painting for me that I gave to my parents for Christmas. They loved it! Check out her website here.

May's favorite presents this year were her bike and her kitchen. She walked out and saw her bike and said, "Oh! May May's bike!" and climbed right up. It's a little big for her and she can't quite peddle yet but she has until summer so I think it'll be fine. It was actually warm enough Christmas to go try it out. Zach is such a good Dada helping her. Aww.
My parents got her the kitchen and my mom bought her dishes and food to go with it along with a cute hat and apron. Her favorite things to cook up are soup and chocolate milk. She also made some cookie robots the other day (like from Despicable Me) it was pretty funny.

Well I'm sure I missed something cool but good enough. I hope everyone has a great New Years! We are so excited for the fun changes 2011 is bringing with it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Exciting News

We have had such a busy December but I can't get pictures up so I'll have to post about it later. But I have some exciting news... drum roll please...
We finally got a house! Can I get a woot woot?!?
This is the house we have been waiting for. It is by far our favorite one that we have looked at in our few years of searching and really has everything we wanted. My favorite parts include the large kitchen with plenty of cupboard and pantry space, the media loft to keep all the toys in, more than one bathroom, a wall that is purely bookshelf, a 2 car garage for poor Zach who has let me have the covered parking space for 4 long years, and the thing I'm most excited about (which really is quite sad) a back yard to let the dog out in. That's right. No more tramping out in the snow in my PJ's with the whole complex watching, and no one can fine me for not picking up the dog poop right away. Not to mention not having to deal with other irresponsible people's dog's poop.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hurray for Baby

We are pregnant! Hurray! Due at the end of May. I'm 15 weeks and time has just flown by.
This pregnancy has been oh so much harder than my first one. I'll spare you the sob story details but everything about this pregnancy has been painful or at the very least annoying. And I'm only 15 weeks!!! I've gone to a water aerobics class a few times and it seems to really help my back. My wonderful mom is giving up her evenings to come baby sit for me. May and I are so lucky to have her!

I know a lot of people say their girls were really easy and their boys were really hard or vice versa so we're thinking it may be a boy. Also it would be terribly convenient if it were a girl due to the fact that we already have everything we need and we have already agreed on a girls name-so doesn't that automatically make it a boy??? Guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

I must share one experience for my own journaling purposes. This was planned but as soon as we knew we were pregnant I think Zach and I both kind of went, "Hmm, why did we decide to do this again?" First of all I've been so miserable and on top of that I was worried about how we were going to pay our deductible, worried that we aren't going to have a house by the time it gets here and will have no room for it, worried about neglecting May or being a bad mom to her because I'm so tired from being up with the baby, worried that this baby is going to be so much harder than May was, and worrying that I am not going to love this baby as much as I do May. I just wasn't excited or happy about it at all. This of course made me feel bad for being such a terrible mom to this baby inside of me that we have been blessed with.
When I went in for my first doctors appointment and they did the ultrasound and listened to the heartbeat I just felt this overwhelming feeling of peace. I know this baby is being sent to our family now for a reason and that we were right to try for it. I know we are going to love it just as much as we love May. I know May is going to be a great older sister. I'm still worried about the other things but it's not consuming me like it was before. I am really excited now and can deal with all the pregnancy aches and woes for this little one with a good attitude (even if it doesn't show to the outside world my inside feels better:).