Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liberty Park

Every year Zach takes a day off and we go hang out at Liberty Park. This year the Canyons Fountain and the pedal boats weren't running which was a bummer but we still had a lot of fun. We went to the Tracey Aviary. Maybear loves to scream so she fit right in with all the bird noises. There were some parrots that would make a noise and then she'd scream back and then they'd make a noise and then she'd scream...(you get the idea) that was pretty entertaining for us and everyone around us. Then we walked around and looked at the flowers and had a nice picnic. Super good day.

Maybear's First Tooth

It took me so long to get this up here she actually has two teeth now. I thought I should probably still document it though. Thanks to Zach's photography skills we have a picture (you wouldn't believe how many we had to take to get this).

Goob Gets Groomed

We took Goob in for his summer haircut. They had to sedate him because he's such a pill. He looks much better. It's a little sad though because he shivers at night when the house is too cold.Before

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Real Game

We finally made it to a Real game in the new stadium. Poor Zach has been sacrificing the money for the tickets to some thing or other for a while. He was so excited to go it was kind of cute. I think Maybear had fun too, I thought she was going to scream the whole time like the Jazz game but she did really well. The actual game was a little disappointing. It ended in a tie, not a "that was a close game tie" but a "wow, RSL, really? you couldn't do any better?" kind of a tie. Oh well though we had fun.