Saturday, August 20, 2011


Can you believe it's almost September? Goodness summer sure went by fast! We've had tons of fun this summer here is what we've been up to in no particular order... We've been swimming lots and jumping on the tramp in the evenings when it's cool. We've spent lots of time with friends and at the park too.

We went to the Zoo with my mom. Maylie was terrified of the dinosaurs and didn't really want much to do with anything. She loved the carousal, elephants and the pizza. Okay seriously the dinosaurs were lame. Why even spend the money on them?
I have very few pictures with my girls because I'm always behind the camera and there even fewer that I like but this one turned out really cute.
Camille is now 5 months I just want to remind you all what she looked like when we brought her home around 1 month
And this is our cute chunky little girl now. Can you believe it?

She had her 4 month check up 2 weeks early but even without the extra 2 weeks she was in the 85th percentile for her weight of babies born at 31 weeks. For a normal 4 month old she was not even on the chart though.
She has started to smile although you really have to work for it. She has started to take a little bit of an interest in toys which has made her less fussy in general I think. I think a lot of her fussiness comes from the fact that she is a cat napper. She rarely takes a nap longer than 15 mins. She's a great sleeper at night though. She is still in a little bed by our bed. She doesn't sleep well in her crib and I'll be honest I might cry when I actually move her out. She loves to stare at the fan and can usually cure her of anything that might be bothering her. She cut her first tooth about a week ago but it was her bottom canine which is weird. She loves to talk. If you talk to her she will just coo and grunt back it's the cutest thing.

She has been going to physical therapy. She won't turn her head to the left. The resulting effect is she has a really misshapen head. She will be getting a helmet towards the end of September. Poor girl just can't get a break!

We had her blessing and it turned out really nice. Thanks to everyone who made their way out to our house to come. I love this picture. We are constantly trying to get May to look at the camera and when she is we are all looking somewhere else.

Back to the 4th of July (like I said no particular order). Zach went in late to go the the parade with us and then got off early so we could play a little. He played soccer and catch with May she loved it. I'm so grateful Zach has a job but I wish he had more time at home to do stuff like this.
Zach had is 25th birthday. Wow we are getting to be so old. However old he is this picture will attest that he is still just a kid at heart. We've had lots of fun having Nerf wars. He took his birthday off and we went and did some family sealings at the temple. It was really special. Then that afternoon we went to Nickelmannia. It's Zach's and Maylies favorite place. Maylie loves DDR.
In June we went to a Princess Festival down at thanksgiving point. May loved it. I thought it was adorable too. It has like the fairy tale princesses but not the commercialism of disney princesses and the festival has their own princesses who do cool stuff and not wait for princes to come save them. I love this picture she May looks like she is just a little southern belle or something. It's cute.
May is so darn beautiful and just as smart. We are still working on potty training, she went all day yesterday with no accidents woot! This afternoon however she has decided she wants her diaper back on. Oh well it'll happen one day. I switched her to cloth diapers and she hates them. I'm hoping it will encourage her to wear her undies.
It seems like she has been picking up on church things a lot more and I love it. When she sees a picture of the temple she'll say "Look mama, a temple, I'm going there someday." and when she sees a picture of the prophet she says, "It's the prophet he knows the way!" So funny. She still won't go to nursery and Zach teaches the sunbeams so it's made the last 2 hours a bit difficult- if I only I had 4 hands! She will go sit in Zach's class sometimes and she does a little bit better so I wonder if once she is in sunbeams she won't have such a hard time.
She has been obsessed with My Little Pony these days which I think is good. Anything to give us a break from princesses ;)! She also really wants to play soccer and go to school.