Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Love

Have you seen those Valentine backpacks that have been all around blog land? They are adorable. I love the idea. Unfortunately I haven't the craftiness, time, nor energy to make them. BUT! I found these super cute mailboxes in the dollar bins at target that serve the same purpose. I put them out at the beginning of February and we've been putting stuff in them every day. May's I put treats, dollar store toys, stickers, etc. Zach's I filled with treats and coupons.
Maylie made some valentines to put in Zach's. I think she painted herself more than she painted the valentines. She wasn't terribly excited about getting her picture taken can you tell?
Zach has been putting puzzle pieces in mine with the last ones being on Valentines day. What a sweetheart huh.
Anyways it was way fun. I think we are going to have to make it a tradition at our house. I actually bought 4 mailboxes so we can use them for a few years.

Here is our new house! I love love love it. Do you love the big porch? I certainly do. Everyone that has come over asks if we are going to repaint our door. It is pretty beat up so yes, we are going to paint it but we are going to keep it the same color. We both really like the blue and if we paint the door a different color that means getting up to those shutters and painting those too-which isn't going to happen.

We are unpacked except I still have things to hang up. I don't know where to put anything! So I have a big box in my otherwise empty living room with our frames still in it. One day I'll get to hanging.
I only have pictures of "the girls'" bathroom today, and only because I wanted pictures of the things I've done to it so far. First of all in our apartment we just had one bathroom and I had a big board that held both my jewelry and May's headbands and hairclips but here we had to part ways so I needed something else to put May's clips on. This little number took about 3 mins. I just picked ribbon of different colors and widths tied a knot at the top glued the heart on and hung on it on the wall. Voila, no messy drawers.

Here is the rest of the bathroom. I wanted something girly but wasn't into the whole Ariel shower curtain. So I bought the heart rug. It's Target's valentines thing but I don't look at it and think Valentines so I thought it was ok. The trash can, toothbrush holder, and canister are all different colors found on the rug. The shower curtain is just yellow and I cut out some foam hearts and tied them on with string. I like them. I might redo them one day the colors don't match as closely as I wanted but it works.
I'll have to get more pictures up as I get things done. The Robert's closest to my house is going out of business. Boo Hoo says I. There is a Micheals pretty close still but I dislike them I will greatly miss the Roberts. But on a bright note last week they had 75% off their merchandise and this week it is 90%. I got some killer deals...Like a $70 cricut cartridge for $7 Yip!

Baby is still doing well. I think we've definitely decided on the name Camille. Although we are debating spelling. I kind of like it with one 'l' so Camile. Zach says people will say it like Ca Mile, I have much more faith that people aren't that stupid. We need to find a middle name still though.
When I was pregnant with May she would get the hiccups all the time and I thought it was so cute. This time around my baby still gets hiccups quite frequently but since I'm carrying her so far back I can feel them on my spine- still so cute still-but oh so painful!
I think May is kind of understanding that we are going to have a baby. She calls the other bedroom "baby sisters room". We have the crib sitting up there not put together and she goes in there and says "Oh no babies bed broken" and then I tell her it's not broken Dada just needs to put it together. And then she tells me "Help Dada. I fix it." What a sweetheart huh. I also have some clothes out on the floor and she calls them "babies shirts" so she is realizing it's for someone else besides her. She loves when we see babies and I keep telling her we are going to have a baby at our house soon and she just says "Ok".


  1. Cute house! Are you all still in SL county?

  2. Your house looks so great! I wish i could see how cute your pregnant stomach is...not to sound creepy or anything. And I busted out laughing about "having more faith that people aren't that stupid" and Charlotte, who was sleeping on my lap, FREAKED out. Hilarious.

  3. Your house is beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Really cute! I love the hearts! PS- you better get some belly pics on here... you're more then half way already ;)

  5. I really do love your house and you've done a great job decorating! I like your valentine mail box idea too- I might have to do that next year.

  6. I agree with Marye!! BELLY PICTURES!!! I don't even care if i sound creepy either. Post 'em, woman. I'm excited for you guys. I think I missed something, and i've tried to read back in posts, but where is your house?! Its super cute!!