Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The world according to May

Can I just tell you how much I love this age. I know it's supposed to be the terrible twos and yes there are some major tantrums involved but I just love it. The following are some of my favorite things May says and or does.

When May wants something to go fast, like her car or mama to run down the hall with her, she says "Allegro!" courtesy of watching too much Little Einsteins.

She loves to sing "Once there was a snowman" I of course can not catch it on camera to save my life.

When she sees the moon she says, "Look Mama moon, I taka (can't) reach it. too high!" She says about the same thing with the mountains but they are too tall.

Last night after FHE she was flipping through our gospel art book and she came to the picture of Nephi with his family on the boat and there is a boy next to Nephi wearing just cuff links and she says to me, "Look Mama, nakey nakey! Needs a shirt." Ha, yes indeed he does need a shirt. I'm glad she is developing her sense of modesty early.

She rarely calls a car a car they are usually either trucks, buses, or race cars.

The other day I asked her if she was stinky and she said, "No May May not stinky, Snow White stinky, need diaper change."

She has a ton of books memorized, I can't believe her memory. Anyway, it is so cute to watch her flip through the book and basically be able to tell me what the page says, again another thing that I must catch on camera but can't.

She "helps" me cook dinner and do the dishes. She loves to stir things and when she does it she says "stir stir stir" as she goes along. The inflection in her voice is the best part if only I had an inflection typing keyboard.

When we go out to eat when the waiter comes to ask what we want to drink, without either of us saying anything she screams out, "CHOCOLATE MILK!" at the waiter in sheer delight.

She loves to play "bedtime" which is ironic because she hates the real bedtime. She'll make me (or whoever she has roped into playing with her) "turn light" lay down and she'll tuck you in and give you a kiss. It's so sweet.

She said her first prayer (that is, she said her first pray) by herself the other day. "Dear faer, thank you, pease bess, Jesus Christ, AMEN!" What a doll, completely melted my heart.

She is starting to be more particular about what she wears. Below is an outfit she picked out yesterday.Watching her pick it out cracks me up. She has a few hats but only likes her purple hat. She also has several butterfly hair clips in under her hat. The green shirt was chosen because it has a teddy bear on it. The vest (which she calls a coat) because it has pink hearts. The skirt-well that's obvious why that is an obvious choice right? My favorite part though is the heels. They were hand me downs from her cousin. I haven't actually let her wear them anywhere but she loves to wear them around the house and will usually insist that I go put on a pair of heels as well (I do not comply just in case you were wondering-I love my daughter but I draw the line at wearing heels around all day for no apparent reason). Anyway she thought she was all ready to go outside and play in the snow and was quite upset when I told her no, I don't think so.

We are all moved into our house. Pictures to come once it's a little bit more put together. I love love love love it. We feel so blessed to be here. I will admit there are a couple things I miss about being in an apartment, like a maintenance guy coming to fix things instead of Zach having to take his precious hours at home to do it, our best buds right next door, and all of us being within talking distance no matter where we were. But we are all loving the space, loving the quietness, and loving the feeling of something being ours to work on together. We went to our ward on Sunday, everyone seemed really nice and May actually stayed in nursery and was having lots of fun when I went to pick her up (which is huge news).


  1. I agree with you. Two year olds have their days, but they are adorable! I wish they could stay like this forever. May is such a cutie and so smart! Porter really misses her. I'm sorry we had to go and get sick again, we were looking forward to visiting this week. It feels kinda empty around here with you gone.

  2. So cute! I'm glad you like your new ward. I am excited to see pictures of your new place!

  3. This is so cute! She is adorable! I am so excited for the three and a half of you!

  4. I love this age too! they say the cutest things and have the cutest voices!!

    where is your house?! congrats!!