Monday, November 29, 2010

Festival of Trees

My amazing mom and I (and my Dad did all the securing hard stuff) decorated a tree for the Festival of Trees this year. Holy cow! Lots and lots of work! My mom said next year we're just going to buy a tree :)
Here is our tree it's a Snowman can you tell? It's hard to see in the pictures but he has lots of little snowman ornaments all over him. It's definitely not the grandest tree but everyone told us it was "cute" and "creative" which I think is pretty good.
Here is the info for the festival be sure to check our tree out!


  1. Oh my GOSH! Danny! It looks SO great!!! I love it so much. You guys did an excellent job. I think it's fabulous!

  2. SO cute! Way to go! I always wanted to go to the festival of I doubt that will ever happen.

  3. Wow! That tree is amazing- way better than any of the other trees!