Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disney On Ice

For May's birthday my mom bought her tickets to go see Disney on Ice. She of course loved it. I was a little worried that she wasn't going to sit through it but she was totally enthralled. They had a bunch of their shows smushed in to one big one but the ones she knows were The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan (she just knows Tinker Bell but you could tell they were catering to the girls who only know Tinker Bell because she was pretty much the star of the Peter part), and of course Mickey and friends. She was most excited to see Mickey and Minnie. Which is pretty interesting because I thought she would be most excited to see a princess-but maybe she didn't realize the girl on the ice was supposed to be Ariel.

In the picture she has her Mickey spinner which she has almost had for a week and she still looks for it when she wakes up. Also, please note the flounder bowl that the snow cone is in. Ask me how many times a day I've washed this thing because she doesn't want to eat out of anything but this. My answer will be far too many!

For a couple days after we went May kept getting her shoes and coat and going to the door saying, "Mickey Mouse, ok lets go!" apparently she thought Mickey and moved in next door and we could now go see him anytime we wanted.

We had a really good time-thanks mom!
Okay camera savvy people I have a question. We have our SLR camera which I love love love. I find myself not taking it places though because it's big and I don't really have room for it alongside the kiddos necessities or because I'm afraid it's going to get ruined. But then I miss out on some great pictures that I really wish I had had the camera for. Case in point the picture below. It's taken on my phone because I didn't have my camera and there were some even greater shots that were completely missed because my phone is so slow. I'm kinda glad I didn't have it though because before this May took a huge dive in the mud and on my way to get her to the bathroom I was covered and if I had my camera slung around my neck it would most definitely have gotten kicked and covered as well.
Anyway, so my question is for those of you with nicer and/or bigger cameras do you just buck up and take them and how do you protect them without a huge camera bag or do you have a smaller camera you take places you don't want to take your nice camera? Seriously, please answer this question-I thank you ahead of time.


  1. i love that she thinks she can see him all the time--soooo cute! So i've never had a fancy SLR camera but I did have a biggish one that i took places--which really was kind of a pain (I still have it but the flash is jacked up). now i just have a little nikon that can fit in the diaper bag so I don't miss anything during our day-to-day.

  2. I have a pretty nice point and shoot I usually take around with me (it can do shutter speed and lots of cool stuff I like) but when I take my biggie I have a small camera bag for it. It just fits the camera and an extra battery or something.

  3. We mainly just buck up and take ours everywhere with us. We got a camera bag for it, so we can protect it in times of messiness, or danger. It really isn't that bad. Usually Thom is with me when we go to places we want the camera.

    PS May is getting so big and super cute. We need to get together sometime.

  4. I have a little digital one that I keep in my purse and then Chase has his SLR. We take the SLR when we know we want to get great shots and blow the pictures up (or you can I guess). We like to go on picture taking dates and will take the SLR.