Friday, July 31, 2009

The Elevator Only Goes Up

We went and saw the Oquirah Mountain Temple this morning. SOOO gorgeous probably one of my new favorites. I hope we're able to do a session there. Anyway we had the stroller so we had to keep skipping the stairs and heading for the elevator. We'd been on this one elevator to go up and down to different places and we had talked and joked with the gal that running the elevator. The line to see things were moving so slow that we finally had to go so Zach could make it to work on time so we go to this elevator and the girl pushes up. Zach says, "Actually we need to go down so we can get out". The girl replies, "Oh, sorry I didn't know. This elevator only goes up though". We both pause for a minute waiting for to say she's joking...nothing. I say, "What do you mean it only goes up?" Zach and I are just waiting to laugh because how silly would an elevator be that only goes would never get back down, besides that we'd been down on this exact elevator. So she tells us again it can only go up and we'd have to go to the other elevator to get down. I can't even do justice to how confused we were. Then the girl explains if she takes us down we'd run into the line and we wouldn't be able to get out because it was going in not out. Zach and I just died laughing. I can't even do the story justice but it was pretty dang funny.

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