Friday, July 17, 2009

Zach's B-Day

Zach took the day off for his birthday which was super good. We went to The Living Planet Aquarium in the morning but I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera so we couldn't take pictures. Instead we printed some coloring pages off their website and colored them for your viewing pleasure. Then Zach and I went to the driving range while Zach's mom watched Maybear. Oi! Was it hot.
Afterwards Zach's mom took us to dinner at Chili's Maybear screamed the entire time. And I mean screamed as in high pitch screaming not upset screaming. She could hear her voice echo in the restaurant which she always thinks is cool.Then we went to the park for some ice cream cakes with Zach's and my family. I made the cakes and I have to say it's so worth making them rather than buying an expensive one from DQ. They don't look as appetizing but I think they tasted just as good.I decorated the house for Zach but of course I didn't think to take a picture. Instead here is Maybear playing in the clean up mess.

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  1. YUM. those cakes look SO good! sorry that Craig is such a bad friend and didn't call Zach on his birthday.