Monday, August 10, 2009

A Family Affair

This weekend we went to Zach's family reunion at the Green's cabin. We had roughly 40 people all staying in one cabin...disaster??? No way! We had tons of fun. We had lots of fun activities from rock painting, to a shoot out on the wii, to learning foreign languages (random to non family members but not so random when you know the story). We had a birthday party for Zach's grandma who will be 90 in September. And of course as always with Zach's family we ate lots of good food. We were kind of lame though because we didn't take our camera out the entire trip to take pictures, I guess we were just having too much fun. But here is a big family pic courtesy of Mike. Story time. First of all one night Maybear was in the crib (one of those portable ones close to the floor), I was in bed, and Zach was upstairs still playing. All of our stuff including my PJs and a package of fudge cookies are over in this closet area. So I hear this package kinda move and I'm thinking maybe it fell off the suitcase but then it keeps moving. I am FREAKING out. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to turn on the light and wake Maybear up but I didn't want to go reaching for my clothes and grab a mouse and I didn't want to leave Maybear in there by herself so close to the mouse, plus I'm a super chicken! So finally I turn on the light grab some clothes go get Zach of course everyone else had to follow to see so we woke Maybear up. We didn't find a mouse so I felt so dumb for making such a big deal of a rattling package. The next morning though Zach's grandma saw a mouse in the bathroom and when I threw the cookies away there was definitely a nibble in one.

Story 2. We stopped at McDonald's in Beaver on the way home for some lunch. I had to change Maybears diaper. The changing table was in the handicap bathroom which for the record I have always though was a dumb idea and this experience totally confirmed my opinion as a scientific fact. So I'm changing her and this old woman comes in and says, "I need to use this bathroom." I said, "I'm hurrying as fast as I can (nicely)." And she says "Well okay but I can't go to the bathroom until you get out of there." And she just kept saying stuff like that I just wanted to say, Really lady? Honestly my baby's bum is covered in poop would you like me to just pick her up and get it everywhere, I'm sure that would make everyone happier. Do you think I like being in the public bathroom changing diapers because really I don't, I'm not sure who does. Why don't you just be quiet and I can get this done faster. Agh! So I say ode to public restrooms with the changing table not in the handicap bathroom. The End.


  1. I liked those stories. I too am freaked out by mice. I had some in my apt when Craig and I were engaged, and my roommates and I put him in charge of checking and emptying the mousetraps. Gross. Speaking of gross...public bathrooms. sorry about the rude old lady!

  2. I love it! Gotta love the family reunions.