Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Girls

What a perfect smile in this picture. This my friends only comes along once in a thousand pictures. Love this picture. I didn't realize I didn't put shoes on her until I was looking at them in photo shop but I actually really like her barefoot-she's always barefoot anyway!

Sweet Camille.

If you don't think these are the cutest little feet in the world (aside from your own children's of course) I will fight you.

I know this looks suspiciously like they are pretending to be Nazi's but I promise they aren't. May was copying everything Camille did with her hands. It was so cute.

Camille was laying down so May had to lay down with her too. Shortly after this picture she ran and got her pillow and blanket so they could match.

This is the first time May got to hold Camille. She was so excited. We took May with us to the hospital to pick Camille up when I walked out the NICU door she was sitting right there and she got the hugest smile on her face "Baby Sister!"

May adores her. She loves to hold her and is always asking Camille if she wants something. We've had to go to a lot of doctors appointments and May is just so protective and so concerned it just makes me smile. It is funny though when I'm holding Camille or feeding her and May wants me to come play she tells me it's time for baby to take a nap. So funny.

Camille is just a little sweetheart. She hardly cries at all-even when she's hungry! I've put her right by our bed at night and the only reason I know she's awake is she starts snorting trying to suck on her hands.

I'm so grateful for both my little girls and their wonderful Daddy!


  1. Oh, Danny. Your girls. SO, so sweet. I miss you, please come visit!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I love them all! So glad Camille is home and everyone is healthy and doing well. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What adorable pictures you have of those girls. I started laughing out loud at the Nazi remark! Ha ha! We miss you guys!

  4. Awesome pictures! May's hair is turning out so pretty! And its so sweet how she wants to take care of her baby sister. This makes me want to have some girls to dress up!

  5. These two are so sweet! I love your little Nazi children!

  6. The picture right after the cutest feet picture has got to be one of the cutest pictures ever. It looks like May is trying to tickle Camille and like Camille is loving it. They are so cute! I can't wait to see you guys again. I'm so glad May loves being a big sister!