Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a really fun Easter weekend. It's too bad the weather didn't really cooperate though. Saturday morning before Zach went to work we did an egg hunt in the back of our complex, it was freezing but May still seemed to enjoy it. We filled the eggs with little people, stamps, stickers, and play dough; and for those of you who are wondering yes all of the last three have had to be painfully cleaned up from walls and or carpet. Zach went to work while May and I watched the first session of conference. She actually did pretty good. She folded her arms through the whole first talk, I tried to explain to here they weren't praying but she still wanted to fold her arms. Then suddenly she threw her arms down in a huge sigh and ran off to chase the dog. Conference was really good. I thought a lot of it was geared towards parenting which is something I could always use more help on.

Easter morning May found that the Easter bunny had came and she was so excited. She saw it and went "Oooh, Coool" that's her new favorite phrase. So I must tell you that the Easter bunny did one heck of a job at finding deals for this basket, for example the most expensive thing in the basket retails at 16.95 and the bunny got it for 3.50. Good work bunny. Isn't the picture below the sweetest thing you ever saw? Zach said I couldn't post it because he's embarrassed to be in his jammies but oh well it's too sweet to keep to myself.

I made May wear her Easter dress all day while we watched conference in our pjs but in my defence she can't stay in her pjs because the footies make her slip on the kitchen floor so she had to wear something. She would not cooperate for a good picture at all so this is what we have. We did a little (and I mean 30 seconds to a minute little) Easter lesson in between conferences about Jesus being resurrected since we had activities planned both the Monday before and after. I got a little hand out thing from the Nursery manual where you can put Jesus in the tomb and then pull him out when he is alive again. She was playing with it yesterday putting him in and taking him out so hopefully she understood.
After conference we went to my parents house to do an egg hunt my mom set up. This time the eggs and candy which May liked so much more. After the hunt she knew exactly who to take them to to get what was in them-Grandpa. Just a side note my dad sits on the stairs pretty frequently and May thinks it is the COOLEST thing ever. Whenever we go anywhere now she finds the stairs and sits on them just like Grandpa. It's so funny. I like to think they have a special connection because their hair styles are the same.
In other news I'm pretty sure the people that just moved in above us are either a:housing a baby elephant, b:running a bowling alley, or c: running a bowling alley for baby elephants. Honestly, I can't think of anything else that could make such loud noises, and shake our frames so consistently.

Today we went to baby and me story time at the library. After I went I found some potty training books. I set them down on the table to chase after May, and another mom from the story time went and swiped them off the table. I know if you snooze you lose but, lame. Her son was definitely older so I guess her having them first is okay but, lame lame lame.

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  1. We used the same nursery object lesson for FHE last night (Tarika was in charge of the lesson/activity) May looks so cute holding her Easter basket! Thumbs up to the Easter Bunny! Tell Zach his jammies look just like a T-shirt. I wouldn't have known they were jammies if you hadn't said something. haha