Saturday, April 18, 2009

Optimus Prime VS Inflatable Buzz Lightyear

Friday evening we went an flew kites. I got an Optimus Prime kite and Zach bought a Buzz Lightyear kite that was inflatable. Well, we all know who would win a battle between Mr. Prime and Buzz...OPTIMUS! Inflatable Buzz spent a lot of time on the ground, while even Maylie was able to fly Optimus Prime.

The last picture is me flying buzz and he went way higher. Obviously I'm just a super awesome kite flyer. (Ha! Really I just let some air out of him and he was fine).


  1. fun! i've been wanting to fly kites. i had no idea who optimus prime was until i started working with i see him on a t-shirt at least once a week...

  2. I have to say that I have no idea who optimus prime is...sorry! ha ha! But I am proud of your kite-flying skills. Way to be! the picture of Maybear flying the kite! That is hilarious!