Tuesday, February 24, 2009

San Hor-hey

This weekend we went down to visit Zach's Grandma Maggie. If I had to sum up or weekend in one word it would be super good food (I know that's three but it deserved the adjectives)! We drove down Friday night and stayed with his mom. Maybear did really good until about the last 2o mins of the drive. Saturday morning Ryan and Tiffany came over and Gwen made us some yummy buttermilk pancakes with some fresh fruit. We then made the 45 min drive down to Grandma's house...only we got a little sidetrack. First we dropped off a computer at Gwen's work. She showed us the old jail that's beneath her office, it stunk...I don't mean going there, I mean the smell, it stunk. Then we went shopping at the outlet malls.
I'm so super glad we don't live near because I would spend way to much money. But we got some good deals. We all got some new clothes. And I'm proud to say that I totally walked right by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, even though it smelled so good. After shopping we went to Made in Brazil for lunch. It's pretty much like Rodizio but cheaper. I thought I was going to explode I ate so much.
Then we headed to Grandma's house. This is the first time she has seen Maybear and I'm so super glad we were able to make it down there.

Grandma Maggie is so funny, she is the most blunt lady you will ever meet. She lives in a 55 and older community and she was telling us how annoyed she was, "Everyone is always going to the hospital, for broken hips or they're just dying, and everyone is just so old." You chuckle but you can't say to her...umm Grandma you just broke your hip or...Grandma you're getting up there in years yourself. Maybear started getting grumpy so we went on a walk with Keith and Gwen, to calm her down. While we were out walking an older lady came up to the stroller and said, "Well! That is something you don't see every day," then there is an awkward pause and she says, "here." It was so sad! Grandma Maggie gave Maybear a teddy bear that she got when Zach's Grandpa died. It was really sweet, it will definitely be a treasure in our family.

I had never seen the temple down there so we drove by it real quick before we left. I wish we had got out and walked around it but it was getting chilly and I had only brought shorts for Maybear, besides that we were all so tired. But it's a really pretty temple. It was closed for cleaning, hopefully next time we make it down there we can do a session or something.

Then we trekked back the 45 mins and had dinner at The Pizza Factory. Mmmm, I think this is quickly becoming my favorite restaurant.

I'm getting all hungry just thinking about it! Then we went and saw Ryan and Tiffany's new apartment. Then we went home and went to sleep.

Sunday Gwen made Zach's favorite for him, glazed ham, bacon and beans, grilled pineapple, and cheesey potatoes. Then we headed to church. Gwen and Keith's church is the BIGGEST church I have ever seen. I don't even know how to describe the enormity of this church, it is the mansion of all LDS churches. After church we packed up and headed home.

Maybear did so good for her first big car trip but I think by the end of it she was glad to go home.

The End.


  1. It took me a minute to translate the title of this post. Is that the grandma that Craig used to be scared of? I quite enjoy St. George. Your baby is a doll.

  2. What a cute picture of Maybear. You addicted to blogging yet? You are better at it than me! Glad you guys had fun. We should go to the temple sometime. It IS beautiful!