Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Months

Camille is 7 months! She can roll over from her stomach to her back going one way. Apparently in all things she is not an ambiturner. She is doing awesome on sitting up by herself. She does great as long as she is focused straight ahead of her but when she starts turning she gets wobbly. Her primary goal in life seems to be to get everything possible in her mouth. She especially loves paper and wrappers.
She loved baby food at first but in the past week or so seems to have developed an aversion to everything except cereal. I've been making my own baby food so perhaps my terrible cooking is carrying over into simple things like steaming veggies and blending them.
She loves to be held but not necessarily cuddled. She has to see what's going on around her. She seems to be a little shy when people start talking to her she will bury her head in your shoulder and then turn to look at them again and then repeat. It's too cute.
She has given up the binky. She basically just likes to have it so she can chew on it. She rarely sucks on it anymore. I'm kind of glad but it did make bedtime so much easier.
She has had her helmet on for a few weeks. She has to wear it 23 hours a day and she gets an hour off so we can wash it and it can dry (seriously washing it does not good it's stinky no matter what). She has already had 2 sore spots so far so she has had a few days out of it so they could heal. She has a hard time sleeping it. However there is already a noticeable difference in her head and she is turning it both ways with no problem so it's doing what it is supposed to. I just hope this is the last big thing the poor girl has to deal with.
Her favorite person in the whole world is Maylie. Maylie can make her laugh when no one else can. She especially loves watching Maylie jump up and down in cracks her up every time. They are just too cute together. It's been so fun seeing them interact. Maylie will sing her songs when she is sad. When Camille wakes up from her naps Maylie makes sure I go and get her right away. No lingering there is too much to do.

She is just adorable. She seems to have just come alive within the past few months. I think she has just been so miserable but she is getting past it and smiling, laughing, and interested with the world around her. It just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm (you know the feeling closely followed by mommy happy tears).

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