Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A May Update

I have had zero motivation to blog since our trip, 1. because our computer has been spastic so I haven't been able to upload pics and 2. because we have been so busy with such fun things. My mom asked me the other day when I was going to blog again so I thought I'd get something up. We have had a great summer. We have such great family and friends we are so blessed to have all of you!
May is continuing to grow up too fast and frankly is too smart for her own good. She has a pretty big vocabulary and says several sentences. The other day we had been at the Aviary for a couple of hours and I asked her if she wanted to go back and see the ducks. She responded with, "No. Bye Ducks. Home Goober." I was pretty shocked. She also consistently will tell me "No (insert whatever food was presented to her). Raconi (macaroni)."
We've started pre-preschool stuff. She is picking up on it so fast. She can sort all of her colors out but names them either blue or pink. She also can pick out a circle and a triangle and if she is really trying she can find squares too. The program I'm using for letters is super sweet and super simple. We've been doing it for 3 weeks (a letter for each week) and May knows the sound for them although not the names. (We are blogging what we are doing at in case ya'll want to check it out).
She isn't handling nursery terribly well but I can't say I blame her- I don't like the leaders in there either. She has a friend that lives across from us and she is constantly asking to go play with him so I'm hoping eventually she will be better because he is there- a familiar face is always helpful.
She is still going to gymnastics. She loves doing the high beam and "scooping icecream" with her feet on it. There is a new boy in her class though and I just want to bop him on the head. For some reason he has latched onto Maylie and he chases her around and tries to hold her hand and give her hugs, not in a soft nice way though. It was funny the first week but now it's just super obnoxious. His mom does try really hard to keep him under control but he is a big kid and she is super pregnant so there isn't much she can do. I've just been going and picking Maylie up before he gets to her- but it's like we pay to take this class not spend our whole time avoiding this kid. We are going to change classes next semester if he ends up being in there. May is so good at saying "NO NO NO!" That's my girl.
Her favorite game is the "chase me" game. She will get food and run up and down our hallway so the dog chases her. She will also take a toy from her cousin Kams (who is 2) and run around laughing histarically because Kams will chase her for it. Unfortunately Kams doesn't think it's funny- quite the opposite. Also, Mama and Dada have spent many hours racing her around the house- it's okay we could use the exercise.
And my super exciting news- dun da da dun....

Yes folks she has enough hair to go up in a pony tail. Sweet eh?
In other news we have been looking at houses. Agh I hate it! House hunting is something you think would be fun and exciting but it is for sure one of the worst things ever. Hoping to get one soon!
P.S. I am super sad that Steve Carrell is leaving The Office. I have mixed feelings about them continuing the show without him. I want to keep watching new episodes but what is Dunder Mifflin without Micheal Scott? Lame.