Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Halloween Adventures

Last fall I threw away all our Halloween decorations because they were so darn ugly. I like decorating for Halloween so I couldn't go without getting some new ones. We're on a bit of a budget though so I had to try to pull out some creativeness (which for me is a task). First of all I hit up Dollar Tree and they actually have some pretty decent stuff that is already made. Below though is what I came up with. For those of you who are super good at these kinds of things try to keep your laughter at a low chuckle. :)

I saw a ghost like this at Shopko for $30 bucks. I already had the dowels (for the legs) toilet paper (also for the legs), and the sheet (you can buy them for $3 at Wal-Mart and I had a ton left over to use for something else) and some shoes that Maybear doesn't fit into anymore. I spent $3 at the dollar store for the underneath head (which is actually a super ugly skeleton head), the socks and the mask.
I decided I kinda hate the mask though so it's just a ghost now. I don't know. Any opinions on which looks better? Seriously tell me what you think. I used masking tape to put it together, it's been knocked over a few times and still survived but I would definitely go buy duct tape if I were to do it again.
I saw a sign at Thai Pan that was $25 that said pumpkins and gourds and had an arrow. Loved it. Here is my creation. I got the board at Robert's with a 50% off coupon and their paints were on sale so it cost me about $5. You can't see the "hand written" stuff in this picture but it fixes the "Pumkin" and tells the price and says they're big etc. I got some frames at the dollar store to put some pictures of Maybear playing in the leaves below it. Unfortunately it's not up yet because Wal-Mart doesn't understand the meaning of 1 hour photo.
This one is not as grand as the original but for a $17 dollar difference I can live it. It was a dollar each for the leaves, the vase, and the candle. Plus I have some leaves left over to do something with.
The last thing I am sooo proud of. I don't sew. But I decided to make Maybear her costume this year. With help from my oh so patient mom and sister-in-law it's done! Hurray. It's a lion, just in case you can't tell what it is. I would put a picture of her modeling it up but she HATES it. I've had to put it on her twice to measure stuff and she screams. Ha! Hopefully she gets over it before Halloween. The bow in the mane is removable so we can use it for a boy if we ever need to. I haven't really been keeping track of the cost but I probably could have bought something cheaper, but the learning experience...priceless.


  1. Holy cow! Danny! I love it! Oh I like the ghost with the mask. Pretty sweet! I can't believe you made all of that! You'll have to teach me your mad making skills!

  2. Love your decorations and the costume looks DARLING! way to go danny!

  3. You did absolutely awesome!!