Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unpacker For Hire

Have you ever caught yourself thinking these thoughts, "I wish my entire floor was the trash bin"

or how about "It would be so much easier to find the book I'm looking for if they were all over the floor" or the classic "That laundry basket needs to be emptied but I just don't have the energy to get those clothes out."
Well friends your problem is solved. Maybear is an excellent unpacker. She does everything from cupboards to drawers to bags.
And she does this all day every day so you can rest assured that your unpacking needs are in experienced hands. And there is no need to worry about fragile items they will be handled as gently as a baby...would handle them. Act now and for every 2 minutes unpacking you'll get 5 minutes of spreading your stuff all over the house. Now that is value!


  1. look at all her teeth! She is adorable and so is her pink dresser.

  2. Best blog post ever! I can't stop laughing! If she is ever overbooked, have her give Tarika a call...she'd love to lend a hand. She is very talented in the books-all-over-the-floor deparment.