Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 & 3 months

Camille is 3 months can you believe it? The long NICU days are long behind us and she's sure proving she can grow up just as fast as her big sister has. Her adjusted age is 1 month though and she acts more like a 1 month old than she does a 3 month old. She is starting to interact with things around her like you can tell she is interested at things she is looking at and she is startled by noises. When Maylie talks to her her eyes get really big. It's so funny. She is also awake for maybe an hour or so during the day (apart from the time that she is eating and pooping). She likes to be held and I wish I could hold her all day but unfortunately she spends most of her time in her bed. She's a really good baby though. Even when she is fussy it's like she is fussy but she does it quietly because she feels bad being fussy. Anyway she's a doll.
Here is her and her great-great grandmother. She came to our house to see her and I forgot to take a picture and couldn't believe it. So we went braved the kids and went to great-great grandma's birthday party so we could snap one. I don't think a lot of people have a great-great alive so I think it's pretty special.This is her- "'I'm about to spit up all over you" face. Here is cute Maylie. She looks kind of like a robot in this picture but for some reason I decided to take pictures of her while she was eating and this was the only one where she wasn't sucking the food out of the bowl. I tell ya I have the best kids. Maylie is such a help. When Camille was born we were having to put her in time out a lot but nowadays she is such a good listener and does what we ask usually the first time and if not then before we count to 3 :). The only exception is when it's time to leave her cousin Kamrie. She gets so sad and throws a fit. Her hair is long enough for back pig tails which honestly I'm in love with. Her imagination is so much fun. It cracks me up the things she thinks of and the little adventures we go on.
So 2 kids has not been as bad as I was expecting- which is good because I think I was expecting the worse. I'm still terrified to take both of them to get groceries. Our first experience "out" was at the aviary. And everything was going fine and I was thinking, "taking two kids out isn't as bad as I thought." ...until it was time to feed Camille. I went and found a bench away from everyone and I sat Maylie next to me with a handi-snack. Camille still can't eat well under a blanket so I'm not as covered as I probably should be when I feed her-I'm over it- but I'm sure the people around me aren't. Anyway so I'm a bit indecent and this peacock comes up and see's that Maylie has food and he keeps inching closer and closer. Maylie starts crying and trying to climb over me to the other side of the bench. I'm asking her what's wrong but between her crying and her full mouth I can't figure out what she's saying. I finally figure it out probably exposing myself like 10 times because I'm trying not to drop either of my children. I get May set up in the stroller hoping it would close her off from the problem causing bird but he just came over to the other side and kept inching closer and closer and would not be shooed. May is terrified and has a total melt down- Camille is crying because she's trying to eat and her food source keeps getting ripped from her mouth. And I'm sure the 8 year old boy who walked by at this point is scared for life because he saw my boob. So I close up the milk shop buckle Camille in and we basically sprint to the exit. I turned on the dvd player in the car and finished feeding Camille in there and then we went home all very frazzled.

None of our following trips to various places have been bad at all but I'm still scared. You can't just leave the store when you have a cart full of groceries so what do you do if a peacock is wandering wal-mart and decides he wants your kids lunch?