Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dresses

Matching outfits are pretty fun, even when they aren't seen together. Neither daughter was terribly coopertive with these pictures. Maylie would not look at the camera and Camille kept putting her hands in front of her face, they must be sisters!

Monday, April 18, 2011

3 weeks

I'm sure you will get tired of these updates but this is as close to journaling as I get so it must be done. Camille made some huge strides this week. She had her first bottle. She is taking 4 feedings orally every 24 hours. She is out of her isolette and in a regular crib. She reached 4 lbs woot! She had her first bath. They give them swaddle baths- I wish I had known what this was when May was a newborn it was great! She seems like such a sweet natured baby but I'm not there all the time so maybe she's super fussy when I'm gone. Either way she's adorable. We've had our primary nurses for most of the week which I gotta say makes all the difference in the world. I hate getting an obnoxious nurse. Story time. I thought that I would make a video for May showing where we go to see Camille how we wash our hands at the sink. Camille's room at the hospital, the milk that I pump at home and take there and then show her Camille in her crib and one of us holding her. I thought it was such a good idea and you know thought, "Wow, good job mom." Our nurse sent home a coloring book with us after we told her what we were doing. Well I showed May the video and she loved it-but then I showed her the coloring book. In the coloring book it shows a little girl washing her hands at the sink-just like dada did. Going to the babies room at the hospital-just like mama did and holding the baby just like we both did. After that she started saying how she wanted to go to the doctors and wash her hands and see baby Camille. So I told her, no I'm sorry you can't go. So then she started saying how we needed to go to the doctor and wake baby Camille up and bring her home. So I had to tell her again no, I'm sorry you can't go. She was SO heartbroken. It was the saddest thing ever. So then I felt like the worst mom in the world for ruining her sweet ignorance. Poor girl. It's just a testament though about how excited I think she'll be when Camille actually gets to come home.

Monday, April 11, 2011

2 weeks

I love love love my two little girls. They are such sweethearts and I feel so blessed to have them in our family. I can't believe my baby is already 2 weeks old-at the same time I feel like it's been a life time of being at the NICU all the time. It's been so hard for me to have someone tell me when I can hold my baby and how long I can hold her. And knowing that it's the time I can hold her and having to wait until a nurse gets a second to come get her out for me. It's frustrating. I'm glad I get to at least hold her though because I know some babies can't be touched at all for a while.

Her isolate. Stretching out. She is usually all snuggled and tucked into that little bed thing at the bottom. The orange tube in her nose is the feeding tube and then everything else on her is just measuring her heart rate and oxygen. Her cute little feet. I was looking at some newborn size shoes someone gave us when May was born and I laughed because Camille would be able to fit 4 of her size feet in one shoe.I adore this picture. I was trying to wake her up so she could try to eat. We've been doing non-nutritive breast feeding for about a week (I pump before she tries to eat so she doesn't actually get anything). But Saturday they let me try nursing her for real. She did ok the first time but was just really sleepy. Yesterday though she ate like a champ and even burped. Go Camille! The nurses say that around 36 weeks (the measure in gestational age at not her actual age) most babies kind of stop eating because they go through a huge growth spurt and just want to sleep. Hopefully she keeps up the good eating.
Zach, the proud Dad. He is so sweet with her I just love it. This is only the second time he has gotten to hold her. She looks big to me in these pictures but when you are holding her you feel like you're going to lose her or break her because she's so small.

We are doing well. Our whole family is exhausted in every form of the word but we have lots of good people taking care of us. My mom and sister-in-law have been watching May. I don't think she's minded too much she loves going to play with her cousins and to see grandma and grandpa. I am so impressed with our ward and how great they have been when most of the people don't even know us. It's been really nice. Also, I have been so thankful for all the positive little messages our friends have sent our way. I must shout out to Caytee (and Preston but I'm sure it was mostly Caytee). She made the cutest little things for Camille and she brought us a dinner, and cookies, and drove it all the way up from Provo. Thanks Caytee! One day I will be super awesome like her. This whole experience has made me want to be more Christlike and more concerned about others. Thank you to everyone who has been such a good example to me and how I should strive to be these past two weeks. I love you so much for it!